Charlie works internationally

as a Healer, Professional Dowser, Astrologer, Practitioner of Energetic Clearance (Soul Rescue, Soul Retrieval, Paranormal Entities etc.), Spiritual Researcher and Teacher. She lives in Inner London, and has for over 5 decades worked closely with her spirit beings and guides to bring healing, insight and knowledge to many men, women, children, animals and groups of individuals. Charlie specialises in Healing in person or Distant Healing, Clearance of Spirit Entities from people (this can be done from a distance but is better done in person) or places, Astrology Readings, Spiritual Teaching and understanding of the Spiritual Realms. She runs many workshops and courses as requested throughout the...

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I have been working as a Healer, (in person) or indirectly (distant healing) for over forty years. I find that in order to heal someone you first need to remove any blockages within their energy fields that might be holding them back from fulfilling their life’s path.

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Explore: Natal Chart for individuals and organisations. Journey of your Soul. Experiential Astrology sessions. Business Astrology. Get in touch with Charlie for more details: or call 020 8671 4756

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This is sometimes known as Spirit Attachment, Possession, Soul Retrieval /Rescue, Spirit Release, Paranormal Clearance, Exorcism, Space Clearance, Clearing Hereditary Patterns, Geopathic Stress and/or Earth Energy Disturbances.

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I have been working with my teacher in the spiritual realms whom I call Two Moons, and with the team of spirit healers and helpers who work with him. Throughout my eventful childhood I was accompanied by and being trained by him as preparation for the full initiation into the spiritual realms that could only come in the 21st year when the physical heart, liver and kidneys are fully formed and we are properly incarnated into our physical body. Through the training I have developed high vibrational fully conscious clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. I see, hear and feel the presence of the spiritual realms and can work with them.

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